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January 28, 2014 The rule of the law? A corrupt cover when laws reflect lobbies.

Get public data at the Australian Open: post bail!
Private data from personal browsing: post profit!
Rule the law and it will rule for you.
Relaying of Match Scores Is at Center of Betting Case
by John Martin (New York Times) - January 24, 2014
January 21, 2014 Justice favors the plaintiff with the heaviest economic weight.

Net Neutrality pitches Google against Verizon?
A US court Solomonic decision!
Privacy puts Google with Verizon?
Woe to pirated consumers!
Rebuffing F.C.C., Court Allows Deals for Faster Streaming
by Edward Wyatt (New York Times) - January 15, 2014
January 14, 2014 Justice depends on who you are, not what you do.

Companies peddle weight-loss products.
They are punished for unfounded promises.
Pad privacy policies with same? Safe!
Selective justice?
Weight-loss Companies Charged With Fraud
by Edward Wyatt (New York Times) - January 8, 2014
January 7, 2014 The Information Age brims with biblical overtones.

Christmas shopping is a wanted flood.
In Silicon Valley, kings get pharaonic pretensions.
The people prefer fleshpots to promised privacy.
Amazon spends to keep sales surging
Week Ahead (Financial Times) - December 30, 2013
Wall St stays faithful as Google searches for big ideas
by Richard Waters (Financial Times) - January 2, 2014
Facebook sued over alleged scans of private messages
by Gavin Jackson (Financial Times) - January 4, 2014
December 31, 2013 Personal data, not Bitcoin, is the currency of the future.

Morozov says: personal data is the new currency.
Gulled with glass beads, poor we, give Google our gold
to mint into money, making it rich.
The Snowden saga heralds a radical shift in capitalism
by Evgeny Morozov (Financial Times) - December 27, 2013
Rejecting the Hand of Government, Bitcoin Still Feels Its Touch
by Nathianel Popper and Neil Gough
(New York Times) - December 19, 2013
Overstock.com, Signaling Mainstream Support,
Plans to Accept Bitcoin
by Nick Wingfield (New York Times) - December 27, 2013
December 24, 2013 For all their immediacy, the news on privacy are anything but.

Acxiom sells profiles to Facebook. BSkyB and Google?
ID thieves target Target customers. TJX?
Privacy piracy grinds on its Groundhog reel.
Legislators call for data broking scrutiny
by Emily Steel (Financial Times) - December 19, 2013
40 Million Cards, Swiped
by Nicole Perlroth (New York Times) - December 20, 2013
December 17, 2013 Beware of he who shines the light on others and keeps himself in the dark.

Pseudo-privacy invites comments, humor.
A gaggle of Financial Times columns cover Google.
How does FT aggregate online reader data? No go!
Silicon Valley must keep the spies out of the honey trap
by John Gapper (Financial Times) - December 12, 2013
US internet groups risk being caught in data cold war
by Richard Waters (Financial Times) - December 12, 2013
Big tech, big data and big lobbying
Robert Shrimsley (Financial Times) - December 12, 2013
December 10, 2013 Trade-offs compromise the inclusiveness required by security and privacy.

New York trains have warning systems operators cannot hear
NY railroads are rumored
to revamp Yahoo security and revise western data laws.
Doomed Metro-North Train Had Warning System,
Just Not in Operator's Cab
by Matt Flegenheimer, Ford Fessenden and Henry Fountain
(New York Times) - December 5, 2013
Internet Firms Step Up Efforts To Stop Snoops
by Nicole Perlroth and Vindu Goel
(New York Times) - December 5, 2013
Brussels to warn US on use of online data
by James Fontanella-Khan (Financial Times) - November 26, 2013
December 3, 2013 Google and China both know how to capture and deflect our attention.

Google fights for our privacy
As China struggles with its pollution.
Clean the air over some rocky islands!
Stir up a fever over the NSA!
A Peephole for the NSA
by Nicole Perlroth and John Markoff
(New York Times) - November 26, 2013
China flies fighter jets in disputed air zone
by Simon Mundy and Demetri Sevastopulo
(Financial Times) - November 29, 2013
November 26, 2013 The safest way to share is with oneself. That's what privacy is all about.

Google, AT&T share user data with the US.
France shares citizen data with Ikea human resources.
For shorter supply chains, lead Google HR!
AT&T and Verizon Pressed to Detail Roles
in U.S. Surveillance Efforts
by Brian X. Cohen (New York Times) - November 21, 2013
France opens spying probe into Ikea
by Richard Milne and Adam Thomson
(Financial Times) - November 21, 2013
November 19, 2013 In the absence of real privacy, Brazil's data policy is prudent if inefficient.

Brazil wants its data to stay domestic.
Alarm at the Financial Times?
Self-serving, hypocritical, short-sighted!
My data is mine to mine.
Brazilian move sparks furore over internet privacy bid
by Joe Leahy (Financial Times) - November 12, 2013
Brazil going too far on internet security
editorial (Financial Times) - November 13, 2013
November 12, 2013 Forgetting 1789, France forces Google to protect an Englishman's privilege.

Max Mosley muzzled Google. Moral?
Honest lives are not worthy of privacy. Sad sex is.
If orgies are a privilege of the rich, so is privacy.
Mosley wins sex case against Google
by Michael Stothard
(Financial Times) - November 7, 2013
November 5, 2013 Everybody checks on everyone. Fairness however requires more balance.

Google collects data on German citizens. The NSA spies on Google.
Close the loop!
Make Google give Barack Obama's profile to Angela Merkel.
N.S.A. Is Mining Google and Yahoo Abroad.
by Charlie Savage, Claire Cain Miller and Nicole Perlroth
(New York Times) - November 5, 2013
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