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October 29, 2013 The US Government truly listens to everyone's concerns.

Let residents browse a US health insurance site anonymously?
Stop monitoring Ms Merkel's musings on the phone?
Why? Privacy is un-American!
'Obamacare' opponents focus on alleged flaw in exchange website.
by Stephanie Kirchgaessner (Financial Times) - October 24, 2013
Anger Growing Among Allies On U.S. Spying
by Alison Smale (New York Times) - October 24, 2013
October 22, 2013 What is the reason behind lack of progress by US Congress?

Can the US Congress check the unbalanced elephant roaming its rooms?
No hope.
Paid by pilfering pirates, could it vote personal data to us?
Mending fences over strong coffee
by James Politi (Financial Times) - October 18, 2013
Politicians' Extortion Racket
by Peter Schweizer (New York Times) - October 22, 2013
October 15, 2013 Google and governments share the same means, differ on results. Now what?

Google recycles your data. It is rich.
The Government watches over you. It is bankrupt.
Wouldn't it save money if Google bought out the US?
Google to Sell Users' Endorsements
by Claire Cain Miller and Vindu Goel - October 12, 2013
Privacy Fears as Surveillance Grows in Cities
by Somini Sengupta (New York Times) - October 14, 2013
Senate Leaders Near Fiscal Deal; House Uncertain
by Michael D. Shear and Jeremy W. Peters
(New York Times) - October 15, 2013
October 11, 2013 Must jobs be the only sustainable way to put money into people's pockets?

A cold civil war splits the US. Peace?
Let people out of a job earn honest money.
Enable them to monetize what they know about one another.
US stalemate fears intensify as debt ceiling deadline nears
by Richard McGregor, Stephanie Kirchgaessner,
and Michael MacKenzie (Financial Times) - October 2, 2013
Fears for Economy Kept Stimulus Intact
by Binyamin Appelbaum (New York Times) - October 10, 2013
October 7, 2013 If some bundled deals are more equal than others, expect economic extortions.

The French State wants Amazon to charge users for delivery.
yet users must deliver private data for free.
Why wonder where wealth vanishes?
France delivers postal blow to Amazon to protect bookshops
by Hugh Carnegy (Financial Times) - October 4, 2013
Selling Secrets of Phone Users To Advertisers
by Claire Cain Miller and Somini Sengupta
(New York Times) - October 6, 2013
When Wealth Disappears
by Stephen D. King (New York Times) - October 7, 2013
September 24, 2013 Who dislikes markets and plans for new taxes?

Today Verizon sells Internet access to consumers.
Charging content providers too amounts to a tax.
Why not borrow the money at market rates?
Judges Hear Arguments On Rules For Internet
by Edward Wyatt (New York Times) - September 10, 2013
Investors pounce on Verizon's $49bn debt
by Vivianne Rodrigues and Michael MacKenzie
(the Financial Times) - September 12, 2013
September 17, 2013 Are regulators in charge of personal privacy too small to succeed?

The FTC is not toothless.
Indeed it gained oversight of Facebook privacy policy.
In fact it gets last minute updates. Was it an oversight?
Holistic approach to data privacy
by Jon Leibowitz and Mary Bono, 21st Century Privacy Coalition
(letter to the Financial Times) - September 5, 2013
Facebook Privacy Change is Subject of F.T.C. Inquiry
by Vindu Goel and Edward Wyatt
(New York Times) - September 12, 2013
September 10, 2013 Most issues come from a vain hope of dealing in one-sided coins.

Google keeps private spots public.
The world leaves public spats private.
Decentralization needs cooperation.
Monetization needs privacy.
Indecent proposal
Censoring Google is wrong way to assuage Mosley's plight
editorial (Financial Times) - September 6, 2013
Obama pressed to rethink assault on Syria
amid growing global dissensions
by George Parker, Charles Clover and Courtney Weaver
(Financial Times) - September 6, 2013
September 3, 2013 By nature, governments share a self-interested approach to privacy.

China cracks down on personal data thieves.
US States enable face scans on driver's licenses.
Worldwide state monopoly on privacy? So 1984!
Roof caves in on China's data miners
by Kathrin Hille
(Financial Times) - August 30, 2013
The Face Scan Arrives
by Ginger McCall
(New York Times) - August 30, 2013
August 27, 2013 Companies may be the last persons alive to rebel against supervision.

Smart phones? Tattletale minders.
FCC-bound companies beg for FTC laissez-faire. Smart move!
Can supervision be bad for them, good for us?
New Generation of Apps Knows What You Want, Before You Do
by Claire Cain Miller
(New York Times) - July 30, 2013
Cable groups in 'power grab'
by Stephanie Kirchgaessner
(Financial Times) - August 19, 2013
August 20, 2013 Power rests easier when blaming the downtrodden for their fate.

Past sins used to explain bad luck.
Now for many the poor are but lazy.
No privacy? Stars like Google feel similarly guilt free today.
How the rich are making sure they stay on top
by Tim Harford
(Financial Times) - August 16, 2013
Grim Picture of Recovery In Forecasts By Retailers
by Stephanie Clifford
(New York Times) - August 16, 2013
August 13, 2013 Why must modern healthcare management evolve?

Health insurance covers risk, solidarity shares it.
Data, behavior allocate it.
Mix insurance with solidarity, privacy with responsibility.
Republican Refuel Effort To Cripple Health Care Law
by Robert Pear
(New York Times) - August 2, 2013
Searching Big Data for 'Digital Smoke Signals'
by Steve Lohr
(New York Times) - August 8, 2013
Family Gains Some Control of a Genetic Legacy
by Carl Zimmer
(New York Times) - August 8, 2013
A Boom in Drug Testing
by Barry Meier
(New York Times) - August 2, 2013
August 6, 2013 Why should the criminals be the only ones to turn privacy to profit?

Fabulous Fab peddled poor products. Past.
SAC hires paid friends in the know. Future.
Grow this value, not the crime, with privacy!
Former Trader Is Found Liable In Fraud Case
by Susanne Craig and Ben Protess
(New York Times) - August 2, 2013
Trader's Hiring Offers a Glimpse of SAC Practices
by Ben Protess and Peter Lattman
(New York Times) - August 2, 2013
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