I need to find ______________________________________ Beta Version
_ compatible roommates to live together
either one person or a whole group, either for myself or for the specific group I represent
_ a rental unit to move in, _ _ tenants or subtenants to occupy a rental unit, _
_ either for myself or with the group of friends I represent _ _ either because I am a landlord, a property manager or a broker _
_ This service fully complies with the Fair Housing Act _
Free of charge for users sponsored by their student or alumn associations.
"I am very excited about the potential that ePrio brings
our students at Boston University's Medical Campus."
tEC Fair Play Matching services powered by
Dave Rini, Manager of Housing Resources at the BU Medical Campus _____
if you are already a tenant or you represent a group of tenants and you have extra room(s) to share, you may
look for compatible roommates and once you have made a match, talk about property-related issues face to face
or act as if you were a landlord and once you have made a match, talk about personal issues face to face
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