For MARKERS, color encodes ROLE
both semantic and phoneticmagenta
purely semanticbrown
purely phoneticcyan
neither semantic, nor phonetic (arbitrary arrangement)black
For PINYIN transliterations, color encodes TONE
1st tone red
2nd tone gold
3rd tone green
4th tone blue
toneless magrey
LINK CONVENTIONS (e.g. marker 月 page)
: link to character data base 部首 : (only for markers which are also radicals)
link to stroke count ordered list of derivatives
: link to marker data base
: link to stroke sequence data base elementary meaning : link to online dictionary
: link to Pinyin sound data base
on a marker page * expand list of similarly sounding characters click on a character to open its page
MARKER FRAME COLOR CONVENTIONS (e.g. character 肤 page) (specific to character data base)
For MARKERS, color frame encodes two KEY ROLES
radical, per the 188 radical setgreyish
smallest phonetic determinant within a characterpinkish