The 24 visual marker families
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  • Searching a radical on a visual list is much faster than looking it up in the first index of your dictionary.
    In this visual radical list of the simplified 188 radical set, duplications are used to allow for :
    • common mistakes (in red)
    • multifamily membership in green (preferred) and blue (deprecated).
  • If you use the Pocket Oxford dictionary, print this numbered radical list to replace the list provided by the dictionary.
  • If you use an other dictionary, with a different numbering scheme, you may want to print the number-free list and annotate it with the relevant radical numbers.
  • for a more global visual feel, see the current state of the visual marker list under development.
--Visual families:
  • The visual families are made to be intuitive.
  • Here is an attempt to put some rigor in the classification.
    Each family is represented by its most emblematic members and a short description of its overriding visual feature.
    • 一 丶 冫------dashes, drops and checkmarks
    • ------------vertical anchor
    • ------------vertical anchor with cross(es)
    • 丿 ------------open to the W
    • ------------open to the SW, speeding right
    • ------------angular, penetrating right
    • ------------twisted
    • 乚 辶 龰 -----open to the NE
    • 厶 爫 -----angular, penetrating left
    • --------open to the SE
    • ---------beaded, looking right
    • ------------skidding to the right
    • 人 儿 几 贝 --two legs spread apart, just connected at the top if ever but with no arms
    • ------------two legs spread apart with horizontal bar(s)
    • ------------two legs spread apart with cross(es)
    • 忄 巾 爪 -----EW sym with one leg or more than two
    • 艹 卂 业 -----EW sym with two legs neither spreading nor crossing, not just connected at the top or else with two arms
    • 又 夕 -----two legs crossing or almost crossing
    • 立 中 ---------beaded, with triangular shape or slit rectangle
    • 匚 冂 彐 凵 - rectangular frame open to E, S, W or S
    • 口 凹 西 -----closed squarish pattern
    • 日 皿 ---------single gridded pattern
    • 丑 月 ---------open or lagging single grid pattern
    • ------------double gridded pattern
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