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Second Edition
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  • The second edition will become available starting in September 2006 and be completed before year end.
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Table of Content: (for current links to all sources, see updated first edition)
  • Introduction
  • I . Issues of Identity: who's who ?
    • I-1 Identity Theft
    • I-2 Credit Fraud
    • I-3 Ambush Marketing
  • II . Issues of Ownership: whose's that ?
    • II-1 Handling of Medical Records
    • II-2 Marketing Campaigns
    • II-3 International Data & Safe Harbors
    • II-4 Surveillance
    • II-5 Viral Marketing
  • II-B . Issues of Location: where is it ?
    • II-B-1 Internet Searching
    • II-B-2 Internet Matching
  • III . Defense: on the side of the law
    • III-1 Protecting Digital Information
    • III-2 Storing and Disposing of Digital Information
    • III-3 Distributing Digital Information
    • III-4 Recommending Digital Information
  • IV . Offense: the dark side
    • stealing time from receivers
      • IV-1 Spamming
      • IV-1-b Search Salting
    • blocking access to senders
      • IV-2 Denial of Service
      • IV-2-b Censorship
    • falsifying the context
      • IV-3 Ownership: copying
      • IV-3-b Provenance: plagiarism & forgery
      • IV-3-c Attention: advertising fraud
August 2006
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