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Case study:

  • The Fugitive:
    directed by Andrew Davis, starring Harrison Ford (1993)
    look for the scene when the hero retrieves medical records to trace the murderer (Sorry, no free download link available at this time!)
  • The Sniffer vs. the Cybercrooks:
    part 1, part 2, part 3
    by Gary Rivlin (New-York Times) - July 2005

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  • the ISO 17799 Standard is an extremely thorough methodology for achieving information system security.
    It is quite relevant in the context of GLBA, HIPPA and SOX compliance, at least for large organizations.
    Unfortunately the standard itself is for sale. Due to wide variations in pricing and considering that ISO 17799 will be best implemented with external help from a competent consulting firm, the author declines to recommend any source.
    However the interested reader is referred to a free ISO 17799 preview by Praxiom Research Group Ltd, a proof of marketing acumen.

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