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Case study: personal diary

  • A Road Story
    The Coueignoux household lives in Massachusetts and rarely take trips out of state.
    In July '04, Mrs Coueignoux helped her daughter Stéphanie drive to Nebraska, her first posting as a fledging TV anchor reporter.
    Shortly thereafter a credit card representative contacted the Coueignoux by phone, concerning the validity of a string of transactions made in several places along route 80, from Ohio to Iowa to Nebraska.
  • A Taxing Case
    In April '05, the Coueignoux household filed their Federal Income Tax Return for 2004 electronically for the first time.
    The filing was rejected twice, forcing the Coueignoux to mail a paper return as in past years.
    IRS justified the rejections on the ground that the SS number provided for Mr Coueignoux did not match the Social Security records.
    Indeed, after enquiries, Mr Coueignoux was told the SS number he has used for the past 30 years was in the name of Mr Coveignoux.

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June 2005
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