Competitive Analysis
protected by US patent 6,092,197 and US patent application 2006/0053279

  • "Two-way matching"

    In a Fair Play virtual fair, hiring companies publish searches to select candidates who meet the companies' standards. Candidates set up filters to discover jobs which fit the candidates' personal preferences.

    Fair Play will deliver to you, the candidate, desirable job openings from companies which have already pre-qualified your application. You will receive not only the desirable and achievable ones, but all the desirable and achievable ones.
    Each contact will come with the guarantee the company has explicitly given its assent within the prior 24 to 72 hours, depending on the event.

    In contrast, all other Internet solutions will give you only a one-way ticket:
    - either you post your resume and then are forced to sort out the qualified leads by yourself,
    - or you must search through a data base and are forced to find out if the job is still available and if the company is interested in your application.

  • "Hands off Confidentiality"

    Fair Play's virtual fair eliminates the need for collecting data in a central data base. Instead, personal data is kept solely on one's own PC. Intelligent agents, under the user's control, communicate between all parties and act on personal data using matching rules. This is accomplished through the interactive dialogs of ePrio's free software running locally on one's own PC.

    In a Fair Play virtual fair, all the relevant factors are put in play. For example, why wait to discover that the salary ranges offered by one party and expected by the other, do not overlap? "Hands off Confidentiality" insures that no other party, neither the fair organizer nor ePrio, has access to the data containing your preferences. As a result, your negotiating position and your personal confidentiality remain intact.

    Contrast ePrio's guaranteed confidentiality service with existing Internet services that require you to provide all personal data on line. The best services have in place a privacy policy. However,you need not be a lawyer to know that their privacy policy is there to protect the service first rather than you. Can you be sure your sensitive data will never fall into the wrong hands through a loophole?

  • "Embedded Market Research"

    Controlled by the fair organizer, multiples rounds (usually three) are scheduled within a single Fair Play job fair thus allowing participants to assess quickly the current market conditions at the end of each round . At the end of each round, a candidate has access to his/her popularity (the ratio of positions for which one is prequalified over the total number of job openings), and his/her selectivity (the ratio of the desirable positions over the total of the available openings). To provide a context to this personalized feedback, the fair organizer collects and distributes global statistics to all participants.

    It is highly likely that you, as a candidate, do not possess complete and current market information. Combined with "Hands Off Confidentiality", the virtual fair lets you "test the water" before you finalize your proposals. Your goal should be to be as selective as the market will bear without endangering your getting a job.

    In contrast, all other Internet services give you a one shot approach to the market. They lack ePrio's ability to allow you to modify your job preferences in real time according to market demands while you are still actively negotiating.