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. Learning how to read Chinese .
Whether 门, 文 and 工 are radicals or not depends on the character in which they appear.
So they cannot immediately convey an idea to the mind and
the traditional notion of radical is an impediment to learning Chinese.

A better approach focuses on reusable character components, called markers.
Characterized by shape, sound and sense, markers structure Chinese characters
in a way which, although non predictive, provides a ready tool to improve memorization.
. For more details on the approach
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. An inquiry into Sound Symbolism .
Alphabetical languages such as English are quite different from Chinese.
As opposed to markers, letters form a small, close set arbitrarily ordered into an alphabet
And letters are normally used alone or in syllables to convey the phonemes of the language,
while most Chinese markers have the potential to convey meaning as well as sound.

Yet sound symbolism studies how the letters in the English alphabet can convey meaning too.
See Alphabet Sounds by Virginia C. Busiek
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