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Philippe's personal corner: Chinese and ePrivacy
. Learning how to read Chinese . .
Philippe's Tips: . New: Since whether 门, 文 and 工 are
radicals or not depends on the character in which they appear,
they cannot immediately convey an idea to the mind.
C3S (alpha version)
To my fellow students
. For more details on the approach
(Note: a dictionary of markers is currently in preparation) .
Research in linguistics
New teaching method
Among the most popular fillips (07/11/13)
. From shadow marketing to shady marketing .
. Science without reason .
. Chance and Necessity .
. Middle East bargains .
. Privacy, Identity, Responsibility .
. The lords of the rings .
. The future of the Internet rolls on roles .
. Unsafe at any level .
. Beyond the Horizon .
. Oedipus or information value made simple .
. It must be true, I saw it on the Internet .
. Is Pluto a planet? Pontius Pilate meets Derrida .
. The plain truth about the Airport Syndrome .
the layman corner . How to search, how to read Law .
Academia . Liabilities and Vulnerabilities
in the Information Age

. Introduction to the 2006 edition .
EU-US Privacy Shield the new mechanism replacing the Safe Harbor
see introduction for more details
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